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Men & Women Waxing Services

Did we mention our Brazilian wax appointments are only 15 minutes? We always provide our clients with post op skin care needs and tips to keep your skin radiant.

Waxing is one of the most common and popular short term methods of hair removal. We use HARD wax that only sticks to your hair, not your skin, to ensure even the most intimate areas are treated with a gentle touch, preventing skin damage and irritation. Our Hard wax is stripless and only grabs your hair not your skin resulting in almost pain free experience.


*All services are performed by licensed estheticians.

*We are extremely hygienic, always wear gloves, never double dip and very thorough.

* New clients only receive additional 10% off our already discounted packages!

**Our buddy direct referral program allows you and your friends to receive discounts on products or services! For each person you refer to us you will receive 5 points. Best part? 5 points = 5 bucks! There is no limit to how many people you can refer!


Women brazilian wax -$60

Women buttock wax -$10

Women anal strip wax -$10

Women cheeks wax -$9

Women chest wax -$17

Women chin wax -$9

Women eyebrow wax-$16

Women hand wax -$10

Women lip wax -$9

Women neck wax -$15

Women nipple wax -$10

Women nose wax -$10

Women shoulder wax -$12

Women stomach wax -$20

Women toe wax -$10

Women underarm wax -$15

Women side burn wax -$10

Women full arm wax-$32

Women half arm wax -$16

Women basic bikini line -$35

Women upper leg wax- $35

Women lower leg wax -$30

Women full leg wax -$60 



3 Brazilian wax- $150

4 Brazilian wax  -$168

6 Brazilian wax -$240

13 Brazilian wax -$470

6 Chin wax - $45

13 Chin wax - $91

6 Eyebrow wax- $80

13 Eyebrow wax- $143

6 Lip wax- $45

13 Lip wax 13-$91

6 Underarm wax-$72

13 Underarm wax- $144

Full Body Wax-$250 + 20% gratuity fee= total $300

 *gratuity for full body is CASH ONLY*



Take 10% Off All Waxing Packages

on your first visit!!!

*All NEW Clients Must show ID





Men brazilian wax-$105

Men buttock wax-$25

Men ear wax-$10

Men cheeks wax -$15

Men chest wax-$24

Men eyebrow wax -$16

Men full arms wax-$40

Men full leg wax -$70

Men hand wax -$12

Men lower back wax-$25

Men lower leg- $35

Men nipple wax -$13

Men neck wax- $15

Men nose wax-$10

Men shoulder wax -$20

Men toe wax -$13

Men underarm wax -$20

Men upper leg wax- $45

Men full back wax -$55

Men stomach strip wax -$15

Men full stomach wax -$25

Men full body wax- $300 + 20% gratuity= total $360

 *gratuity for full body is CASH ONLY*



13 Men Underarm package-$192

13 Men Nose package-$96

3 Men Brazilian package -$267.75

4 Men Brazilian package -$336

6 Men Brazilian package -$491.40

10 Men Brazilian package- $800

13 Men eyebrow package - $153.60




Take 10% Off All Waxing Packages

on your first visit!


(Store credit only)

*$35 deposit required for first time Male Brazilian waxes.



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